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URL to call for DNS updates:

The above URL should be called with HTTPS for secure communications however you can use HTTP and use a non secure transaction.

NOTE: This URL MUST be used with the POST method. GET will NOT work with this because the ZONEDATA length can exceed the GET allownace.

The domain needs to already be in our servers in order for you to make an update. When you pass the data to our servers we will determine if the domain is a Dynamic domain or a Standard domain. We will also determine if it is a primary or secondary type. This based on how the domain was created on our servers. You have no control over the type of domain you are updating. Be sure the domain is setup on our servers accordingly.

Parameter Value Description
NAME login ID Your login ID
PASSWORD password Your password
DOMAIN domain name Domain name to modify
SECURE * or IP address(s) Allow or deny zone transfers.
Leave blank will DENY ALL
* will ALLOW ALL
IP Addresses separated by spaces will ALLOW only those IPs
FOLDER folder name Folder name for domain on web based account
HOSTMASTER dotted email address Dotted email address format for responsible person
REFRESH number Number of seconds for REFRESH setting in zone
RETRY number Number of seconds for RETRY setting in zone
EXPIRE number Number of seconds for EXPIRE setting in zone
ZONENS primary nameserver Primary name server in SOA record
ZONEDATA zonedata Your zone file as you wrote it

There is no example here as you need to use the POST method
Be sure to POST the form data above to the servers.

SPECIAL NOTE: If you are passing data for a SECONDARY type zone file, you need only place the IP address of the primary server in the S1 field. All the rest of the fields can be ignored unles you want to set the SECURE and FOLDER field.

Here is a list of possible return codes that you would receive with the above function. When updating a domain, you can get multiple return codes. Keep this in mind when retrieving our return codes. An example would be a response from each name server advising that the zone was updated or not.

Code Description
211 Name server #1 was updated and accepted your update
212 Name server #2 was updated and accepted your update
213 Name server #3 was updated and accepted your update
401 Login ID you supplied is SUSPENDED, you need to renew your account
403 Login ID and/or Password you supplied is not on file or does not match
405 Domain name supplied is not in your account
411 Name server #1 kicked an error on reload, contact support
412 Name server #2 kicked an error on reload, contact support
413 Name server #3 kicked an error on reload, contact support