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FAQ/Help System
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General Questions

What are the recommended Refresh, Retry, Expire and TTL settings?
Are your zone file reloads really instant?
How do I upgrade my account?
Do you offer custom/vanity nameservers?
How redundant is your network?
What is Round Robin and how does it work?
What is Reverse Zone or
What is TTL (time to live)?
What does the Raw form do?
How do I forward/redirect a URL/domain?
How do I create a catch-all for sub-domains of a domain?
How do I create a SPF record for my zone?
How do I create a DomainKey (DKIM) record for my zone?
How do I setup Secondary DNS services?
How do I enable zone transfers for all IP numbers?
How do I setup simple "Load Balancing" with "Failover DNS" services?
How do I setup Office 365 DNS records?

Common record types and how to use them

A - Host Address    (RFC1035)
ALIAS - Auto Resolved Alias
CNAME - Canonical Name    (RFC1035)
MX - Mail Exchanger    (RFC1035)
NS - Authoritative Name Server    (RFC1035)
SOA - Start of Authority    (RFC1035)
PTR - Domain Name Pointer    (RFC1035)
AAAA - IPv6 Host Address    (RFC1886)
AFSDB - AFS Database Location    (RFC1183)
ATMA - Asynchronous Transfer Mode Address    (ATM Name System Specification Version 1.0)
DNAME - Non-Terminal DNS Name Redirection    (RFC2672)
HINFO - Host Information    (RFC1035)
ISDN - ISDN Address    (RFC1183)
MB - Mailbox    (RFC1035)
MG - Mail Group Member    (RFC1035)
MINFO - Mailbox or Mail List Information    (RFC1035)
MR - Renamed Mailbox    (RFC1035)
NSAP - NSAP Address    (RFC1706)
NAPTR - Naming Authority Pointer    (RFC3403)
RP - Responsible Person    (RFC1183)
RT - Route Through    (RFC1183)
SRV - Location of Service    (RFC2782)
TXT - Descriptive Text    (RFC1035)
X25 - X.25 PSDN address    (RFC1183)

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