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ALIAS Records: Our servers now support ALIAS records for aliasing the root zone record to cloud service providers. Read More.

WorldwideDNS provides Primary DNS services, Secondary DNS services, and Dynamic DNS hosting services for thousands of businesses, website hosting, website developers, and consumers. Resellers can completely private label / white label DNS services with custom name servers.

  • IPv6 Ready
  • Customer Testimonials more...
  • Domain Registrations - 19 TLDs more...
  • Permanent 301 URL Redirection Supported! more...
  • SPAMMERS: We check against the DNSBL more...
  • DYNAMIC DNS DEVELOPERS: We have an API more...
  • 3 name servers included with each domain
  • Email services now available more...
  • Create and manage DNS with instant reloads more...
  • Primary and secondary service
  • For small and large businesses
  • Not for illegal use
  • Web based controls to make your life easier
  • Round Robin and Wildcards enabled!
  • EXPERTS: Create your zone file in raw format more...
  • Custom/Vanity name servers available more...
Our DNS servers are capable of handling these record types for both IPv4 and IPv6:


Reseller Services Now Available
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Login: testaccount
Password: 123456

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Standard DNS hosting accounts
For both Primary and Secondary DNS zones

Package Zones Price
Basic 1 $10 USD/yr Sign up!
Basic2 2 $15 USD/yr Sign up!
Basic5 5 $35 USD/yr Sign up!
Personal 10 $50 USD/yr Sign up!
Business 25 $100 USD/yr Sign up!
Corporate 50 $150 USD/yr Sign up!
Corporate Plus 100 $250 USD/yr Sign up!
Developer 200 $450 USD/yr Sign up!
Developer Plus 300 $600 USD/yr Sign up!
Web Host 400 $760 USD/yr Sign up!
Web Host Plus 500 $900 USD/yr Sign up!
Bulk Reseller 1000 $1600 USD/yr Sign up!
Bulk Reseller 1500 1500 $2300 USD/yr Sign up!
Bulk Reseller 2000 2000 $2700 USD/yr Sign up!
Bulk Reseller 3000 3000 $3000 USD/yr Sign up!
Bulk Reseller 4000 4000 $4000 USD/yr Sign up!

Dynamic DNS hosting accounts
For zones requiring a TTL less than 360 seconds

Package Zones Price
Basic 1 $39 USD/yr Sign up!
Personal 5 $179 USD/yr Sign up!
Business 10 $299 USD/yr Sign up!

URL Redirection add-on services
Package URLs Price
Basic 5 $10 USD/yr Sign up!
Personal 50 $50 USD/yr Sign up!
Business 125 $100 USD/yr Sign up!
Corporate 250 $150 USD/yr Sign up!