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Customer Testimonials

We are asked often by potential clients for references. Due to privacy reasons, we cannot give out our clients' information but since we have thousands of satisfied clients we decided to add this testimonal page for those clients who would like to express their feelings on our services. If you would like to add your testimonial to our page, please .

The entries below are unedited and posted exactly as given to us.

Rich Pearson of Pearson Computer Services, Inc.
Minneapolis, MN USA

Awesome support this weekend! When you're in a pinch it's a huge help to get a quick response and you guys came through. Thanks.
Par Willen of Littlefield Media
Stockholm Sweden

I'm a European WorldWideDNS customer since many years now and I can give nothing but praise to the service itself and the people supporting it.

I have not had one single technical problem over the years which speaks tons for the quality of the technical setup of WorldWideDNS but two or three times I have had cause to contact the supportteam for matters not really pertaining to their core business. Still, every time I have been met with extremely fast, correct and corteous service. My hat is off to the supportteam.

Bill Ramsey of The Bill Guy
Kansas USA

I have been using since Early 2000 and it has to be one of the greatest services I have used to date. I have referred many of my colleagues to their service and had nothing but outstanding support and outstanding service. Way to go!!! I HIGHLY recommend!
Oren Milgram of
Waltham, MA USA

We have enjoyed reliable DNS service with WorldWideDNS since 2000. Administration of the domain has been easy and hassle-free. Thanks for making what is usually a highly technical task an easy one.
Paul Fendley of iCompass Technologies
Kamloops, BC CANADA

I have been using World Wide DNS for about 6 months now. I am impressed with how simple it is to use this web based service and how helpful the staff have been. Any questions posed through their online support have been answered to my satisfaction within 4 hours! Superb customer service.
Richard Brown of JMRA Technology
Phoenix, Arizona, USA

I have been using WorldWideDNS now since it's start. There is no easier way to manage your DNS records short of running your own servers. WorldWideDNS has always been powerful, fast, and reliable. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a total DNS hosting solution.
Adam Jacob Muller

I emailed World Wide DNS one afternoon wanting to change my account from a 5 domain dynamic DNS plan to a 50 domain standard plan. I expected to complete the change within.. a week? you know how customer service is at most web-based businesses. within 5 minutes I had a email from WWDNS and not a computer generated form mail but an email from a real live human being! Within 10 minutes after that I had confirmed the change and it was done. A more superb example of how customer service should be run I have never seen.