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ISDN - ISDN Address

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The ISDN-record maps a domain name to an ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) telephone number.

The ISDN phone numbers / DDI (Direct Dial In) used should follow ITU-T E.163/E.164 international telephone numbering standards. For example 12121234567 ( 1=USA, 212=New York area code, 1234567=number)

The ISDN sub-address is an optional hexadecimal number.

You can use the ISDN-record in the Raw form only on our servers. The format in which to enter the data is as follows:

Raw form:
@ 86400 ISDN "12121234567" "ff"

Where @ is the root zone name, 86400 is the TTL, 12121234567 is the ISDN phone number and DD and ff is an optional hexadecimal ISDN subaddress.

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