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URL to call for DNS updates:

The above URL should be called with HTTPS for secure communications however you can use HTTP and use a non secure transaction.

Use this function to update a user in your reseller account.

Parameter Value Description
ID reseller ID Your reseller ID
NAME login ID Your login ID
PASSWORD password Your current password
NEW_PASSWORD password Your new password
FIRST_NAME first name Your first name
LAST_NAME last name Your last name
COMPANY company Your company name
ADDRESS address Your address
CITY city Your city
STATE state Your state
ZIP zip code Your zip code
COUNTRY country Your country
PHONE phone number Your phone number
FAX fax number Your fax number
EMAIL email address Your email address

Here is an example URL for your reference:

Here is a list of possible return codes that you would receive with the above function. When updating a domain, you can get multiple return codes. Keep this in mind when retrieving our return codes. An example would be a response from each name server advising that the zone was updated or not.

Code Description
200 Data was updated
401 Login ID you supplied is SUSPENDED, you need to renew your account
403 Login ID and/or Password you supplied is not on file or does not match
409 New password field had invalid characters or was less than 8 characters.