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Custom Nameservers

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Custom Nameservers are also called Vanity Nameservers. Custom Nameservers allow you to use your domain name for nameservers where you register your domain names instead of For example:

We offer 2 types of Custom Nameservers: Private Label and Non-Private Label.

Private Label Nameservers cost $149 USD per year.

The IP numbers that we give you are Anycast IPs for worldwide redundancy.

This service is in addition to your purchasing our Standard or Dynamic DNS services. With this service we will give you 4 IP numbers to use to create 4 vanity nameserver names. This will give your company better recognition and product branding by having your name in the WHOIS on each domain you host instead of our nameserver names. These nameservers will work exactly like our normal nameservers but you will have your name attached to them. When someones does a Reverse DNS lookup on the IP number of your nameservers, your nameservers will be listed and not

To order Private Label Nameservers, please email us at .

Upon receiving your request we will add this service to your account. We will attempt to charge the credit card on file. If that card is no longer active, we will contact you to update. Please do not email a credit card number directly through non-secure email.

There is no charge for Non-Private Label Nameservers. To use your domain name as nameservers, add these A records to your domain name's DNS:

ns1 IN A
ns2 IN A
ns3 IN A
ns4 IN A

and then use:

as your nameservers where you registered your domain name.

You will also want to register these nameservers at your domain name registrar. This is different than registering a domain name. You are registering nameservers with them. Each domain registrar does it differently.

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