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The Reseller System allows you to be your own DNS server company and have the features that we currently offer to our normal clients. There is no fee to be a reseller. You will have your own anonymous reseller system which you can co-brand with your look and feel. You will have generic anonymous name servers that you can use for your clients or for an additional fee you can have your own custom name server names. The reseller system is a non-branded system which you can include in a frameset on your site or modify the custom settings to brand it and run as a system by itself. It is self contained and fully automated.

The first step is to signup and purchase the number of standard and/or dynamic DNS zones you wish to use with the reseller system. Then click on the reseller manager link to get started immediately by customizing your reseller site. You will be able to set your own pricing and charge whatever you wish. You will bill your clients directly however you see fit. You will have the option to control whether or not your users can create new zones or if they can simply modify the data in their current zones.

The zones that are used by your clients are deducted from the total zones you have in your account. You can always upgrade your account with us to higher plan levels as your company grows. Feel free to contact us with ideas and suggestions on how to improve this system to meet your clients needs. is our sample reseller system that we created using the custom features of this reseller manager.