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FAQ/Help System
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General Questions

What are the recommended Refresh, Retry, Expire and TTL settings?
Are your zone file reloads really instant?
How do I upgrade my account?
Do you offer custom/vanity nameservers?
What is Round Robin and how does it work?
What is Reverse Zone or
What is TTL (time to live)?
What does the Raw form do?
How do I forward/redirect a URL/domain?
How do I create a catch-all for sub-domains of a domain?
How do I create a SPF record for my zone?
How do I create a DomainKey (DKIM) record for my zone?
How do I setup Secondary DNS services?
How do I enable zone transfers for all IP numbers?
How do I setup simple "Load Balancing" with "Failover DNS" services?
How do I setup Office 365 DNS records?

Common record types and how to use them

A - Host Address    (RFC1035)
ALIAS - Auto Resolved Alias
CNAME - Canonical Name    (RFC1035)
MX - Mail Exchanger    (RFC1035)
NS - Authoritative Name Server    (RFC1035)
SOA - Start of Authority    (RFC1035)
PTR - Domain Name Pointer    (RFC1035)
AAAA - IPv6 Host Address    (RFC1886)
CAA - Certification Authority Authorization    (RFC6844)
DNAME - Non-Terminal DNS Name Redirection    (RFC2672)
HINFO - Host Information    (RFC1035)
NAPTR - Naming Authority Pointer    (RFC3403)
RP - Responsible Person    (RFC1183)
SRV - Location of Service    (RFC2782)
TXT - Descriptive Text    (RFC1035)